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Where have all the pictures gone?

October 9, 2009

For many weeks now, time has not permitted me to blog here.  I returned today, planning commentary and photos about a male President of color winning the Nobel Peace Prize while embracing the woman-hating Taliban for their role in a peace-making for men only without regard to women behind closed doors.  Also today the news is barely covering the UCLA female lab student who had her neck slashed on campus during lab by a male student.  As if slasher movies and violent porn have no influence on what becomes imaginable daily violence by men against women.

Pictures say a thousand words, and my pictures posted over past months on this blog (for parody, for social commentary, for biting critique, for educational purposes) keep disappearing or being replaced with other links.  Not being much of a tech head, it’s a mystery others might be able to solve.  I point out only that I do not control the blog, it’s not my software.  It is my experience that whenever somebody else (the corporation, the government, the boss, the supreme leader, the potentate) is the authoritative agent in a global society fueled by hating or even belittling anybody else (recently women have been the main targets), fair treatment can be the subject of prizes, not real life.

This blog may remain in archival form.  Continuing to show instead of merely tell, when the pictures on this blog keep being erased (as real women’s real lives are continually erased from public view), would not be the best use of my time.  Enjoy reading if any of this moves you to your own consciousness of how it might be, in a better world we deserve.

Why do we put up with this global culture of  hypocrisy?  Can we not envision anything better for ourselves that we might bring about on our own?  Dream some pictures of your own, a better world achieved via your own liberty and the freedom of those around you.

Peace, friends.  The kind of Peace that lasts.  A Peace at nobody else’s expense.