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Real Heroes … and Dogs of War

September 1, 2009

Who are the real heroes in this upside-down world, and who are the dogs of war?

Left unsaid in the Dugard news reports is the “boys will be boys” pass given by sheriff’s-office and parole-office male representatives to male Phillip Garrido as the (alleged) rapist, kidnapper and impregnator (twice) of  Jaycee Lee Dugard, beginning when  Dugard was 11 years old and trauma-bonding her to Garrido through  Garrido continuing to rape Dugard, followed by Dugard bearing two girls in captivity as a result of Garrido (allegedly) raping Dugard.    Or maybe satan was the rapist (will that be Garrido’s defense?)  … bring back the Inquisition to torch the victim might be Garrido’s best hope.

But to the point:  Men can hate women, invoke the dogs of war, and pin their medals upon trumpeted breasts all they want.  They can even enlist some tokenized females to play their deadly war games overseas to divert us from the longest war next door.  But to the extent that women like Lisa Campbell  and Ally Jacobs are in jobs where they can honor their intuition and have authority to do anything about righting wrongs, these are the women who are today’s real heroes, on the front lines of the main war, man’s continuing war against women.  Isn’t it time for women to win?

“Lisa Campbell, manager of the University of California Police Department Special Events, left, and UC Berkeley police officer Ally Jacobs recall their interaction with kidnapping suspect Phillip Craig Garrido at a news conference in Berkeley, Calif., on Friday, Aug. 28, 2009. They said Garrido raised suspicion when he arrived on campus earlier this week seeking to distribute religious material with two young girls [Dugard’s daughters, the products of the (alleged) kidnapping and rapes]. Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido, face charges including forcible abduction, rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment. (AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle, Paul Chinn) [bracketed explanation added as necessary social criticism]”