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Robot named “Miim,” rhymes with Him, also “mum’s the word” of silence predominant men want from womankind

July 23, 2009

A bride to do her man’s bidding, and she’s his robot, his thing, his, his, his, Miim belongs to Him.  If this (robot photo, widely online today with no commentary about the inherent misogyny invested in this robot bride named “Miim”) cannot creep out the women of the world, make their flesh crawl and wake women up about misogyny, what can:

The HRP-4C humanoid robot "Miim" presents a wedding ...

Wed Jul 22, 3:51 AM ET

“[from REUTERS/Toru Hanai (JAPAN ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY SCI TECH)] The HRP-4C humanoid robot “Miim” presents a wedding dress by Japanese designer Yumi Katsura during the 2009 Yumi Katsura Paris Grand Collection in Osaka, western Japan, July 22, 2009.”

And what is this world in which predominantly men speak and say more (or less) while independent voices of women are silenced by media manipulation?

It is a world in which silhouettes of naked, anonymous, Barbie-doll voluptuous women on I-75 between Bible-belt Atlanta and Macon, GA, are tagged on billboards — publicly for every little girl traveling the interstate in a car with her family to see — with this line:  “Strippers … need we [men] say more?”

It is a world poised with nukes, also poisons of our lands, rivers and seas percolating to harm Mother Earth, not really anyplace you’d want to live if you had another option — unless you were the typical, predominant narcissistic male, always seeking his narcissistic supply, not capable of real caring, only able to pretend, all charm and harm.

It is a world of hypocrisy about the family, about the prevailing hierarchical religions, about the misogyny of the war by males against females.

Sadly, unless it changes, the suffering of the consequences will be vast beyond even our prodigious story-telling abilities as a current species.

But hey, there’s a robot with a bride’s dress to be ripped off the female robot body by any guy who can afford her.


“He’s Back” requiring “Coffee, Tea or Me” for flight attendants (red dress pleasure for patriarchs)

July 12, 2009

Somehow — has it been decades of mass media mind-manipulation, sexual trauma masquerading as fun “kink,” or something in the water — women’s rights have regressed to the point of culturally normalizing that women who work for a living with their clothes on must also be sexy at work by male standards.

  • FILE - In this Friday, Feb. 4, 2005  file photo, a read treated taffeta wrap AP – FILE – … from the Delta [Airlines/flight attendant uniform] collection …

By this men are generally are saying to women:  Put on your red dress, baby — that’s mainly what you’re good for (at least until you’re pregnant, or over 40, or have put on a few pounds as most men have felt free to do by age 30 if not before).

Men are also generally saying:   And before the things we think are un-sexy happen to your body, while you’re working at the airlines or wherever on the safety-and-service aspects of your job, by all mean if you’re slim enough, we want to see you bend over and stre-e-e-tch in your red dress, baby.

We can thank the AP (and Dan Klores Communications) for the photo above, but where’s the social commentary by AP or other reporters about this woman-hating regression which demonstrates as a red-dress uniform for major airline flight attendants? In a global economic world where Delta beat its pilots’ pensions by U.S. bankruptcy court re-structuring, do we believe the merger of one unionized set of flight attendants with Delta’s non-unionized flight attendants will turn this sexual objectification around for women who work and hope to keep their jobs?  This weekend’s news includes  brouhaha over the red dress but if you googled it all over the internet, you would not see any comprehensive mainstream analysis of this  sexualizing of women’s bodies at work as being wrong.

Combine this sexification trend for working women with what Governor Schwarzenegger is doing this season in California:  Schwarzenegger.   (For context, I seem to recall high status women with high status Hollywood husbands publicly supporting the Governator when struggling Hollywood actress types came forward to divulge Schwarzenegger’s tendency to grope female bodies in the workaday world.  But maybe I just saw that in a movie.)

Jude Dude Bottom Line:  If “he” generically represents the patriarchy (what men want on men’s terms for the benefit of men), then he’s  really ba-a-a-a-ck.

Food Profiteers and U.S. Bills (HR 875 and S 425) in the Longest War against Freedom

July 1, 2009
Thought for today:   What if none of the rulers of the global political scene on either side do anything but disinform in order to hold on to their own power and money?  Blue or red, liberal or conservative, what if the longest war is really on (not just a metaphor for what’s wrong) and nobody in charge is going to bring an end to the insanity of warring normality?  What if taking sides according to the spin of the leaders on either male-dominant side is just a way to divert us from doing anything meaningful about globally escalating encroachments on freedom?  Then you might go another way.  You might find your most authentic self-trust every day, decide who to trust as friends not foes, connect to freedom-loving life where you live and consider how best to live, relieved of the denial about the longest war.  Once you start to see, you break free. Meanwhile, consider opposing the pending U.S. food fascism and pro-Monsanto-esque bills (HR 875/S 425) or any derivations rattling sabres against the people right now.   Taking action on the topic of food in a faltering global agri-corporate economy could mean life and breath.
It’s also enough to make you wonder about the science compiled by a male Harvard researcher in his ironically titled book, Demonic Males [critiqued in categories of this blog].  The Christian tradition included the notion of the devil coming as an angel of light.  Post-Christian scientists have every literary right to call warring and deceitful male behavior “demonic.” The question for every woman and every man is how are you going to live once you face the truth without wearing blinders to what we wish weren’t so?

If Jesus is there to help, now in a demonic age of nuclear and other poisons to the planet would be a good time.