Where have all the pictures gone?

October 9, 2009

For many weeks now, time has not permitted me to blog here.  I returned today, planning commentary and photos about a male President of color winning the Nobel Peace Prize while embracing the woman-hating Taliban for their role in a peace-making for men only without regard to women behind closed doors.  Also today the news is barely covering the UCLA female lab student who had her neck slashed on campus during lab by a male student.  As if slasher movies and violent porn have no influence on what becomes imaginable daily violence by men against women.

Pictures say a thousand words, and my pictures posted over past months on this blog (for parody, for social commentary, for biting critique, for educational purposes) keep disappearing or being replaced with other links.  Not being much of a tech head, it’s a mystery others might be able to solve.  I point out only that I do not control the blog, it’s not my software.  It is my experience that whenever somebody else (the corporation, the government, the boss, the supreme leader, the potentate) is the authoritative agent in a global society fueled by hating or even belittling anybody else (recently women have been the main targets), fair treatment can be the subject of prizes, not real life.

This blog may remain in archival form.  Continuing to show instead of merely tell, when the pictures on this blog keep being erased (as real women’s real lives are continually erased from public view), would not be the best use of my time.  Enjoy reading if any of this moves you to your own consciousness of how it might be, in a better world we deserve.

Why do we put up with this global culture of  hypocrisy?  Can we not envision anything better for ourselves that we might bring about on our own?  Dream some pictures of your own, a better world achieved via your own liberty and the freedom of those around you.

Peace, friends.  The kind of Peace that lasts.  A Peace at nobody else’s expense.

Real Heroes … and Dogs of War

September 1, 2009

Who are the real heroes in this upside-down world, and who are the dogs of war?

Left unsaid in the Dugard news reports is the “boys will be boys” pass given by sheriff’s-office and parole-office male representatives to male Phillip Garrido as the (alleged) rapist, kidnapper and impregnator (twice) of  Jaycee Lee Dugard, beginning when  Dugard was 11 years old and trauma-bonding her to Garrido through  Garrido continuing to rape Dugard, followed by Dugard bearing two girls in captivity as a result of Garrido (allegedly) raping Dugard.    Or maybe satan was the rapist (will that be Garrido’s defense?)  … bring back the Inquisition to torch the victim might be Garrido’s best hope.

But to the point:  Men can hate women, invoke the dogs of war, and pin their medals upon trumpeted breasts all they want.  They can even enlist some tokenized females to play their deadly war games overseas to divert us from the longest war next door.  But to the extent that women like Lisa Campbell  and Ally Jacobs are in jobs where they can honor their intuition and have authority to do anything about righting wrongs, these are the women who are today’s real heroes, on the front lines of the main war, man’s continuing war against women.  Isn’t it time for women to win?

“Lisa Campbell, manager of the University of California Police Department Special Events, left, and UC Berkeley police officer Ally Jacobs recall their interaction with kidnapping suspect Phillip Craig Garrido at a news conference in Berkeley, Calif., on Friday, Aug. 28, 2009. They said Garrido raised suspicion when he arrived on campus earlier this week seeking to distribute religious material with two young girls [Dugard’s daughters, the products of the (alleged) kidnapping and rapes]. Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido, face charges including forcible abduction, rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment. (AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle, Paul Chinn) [bracketed explanation added as necessary social criticism]”

“Grin & Bare It”: The mass-produced message of masochism for women

August 25, 2009

In three generations (my parents to my daughter), to womankind’s detriment Global Patriarchy (GP) has moved beyond generalized (“grin & bear it“) sadism practiced by upper-caste patriarchs (upper caste in every patriarchal system because they exploit other beings and natural resources) against lower-caste males, all females and children to mass-produced messages everywhere targeting women as a gender class for internalizing masochism as socially desirable, even necessary, for social survival.  Yes, it was a long sentence.  Reducing thought to robotic sound bites is part of any modern system of brainwashing.

The title of this post is based upon a mass-produced body-lotion product provided on a “complimentary” 2009 hotel basis by: 

Wyndham Hotels Offer Guest Room Items at Holiday – Wyndham containers bearing in bigger letters “grin & bare it.”

Proving the point from today’s internet, no matter how “liberal” the patriarch in question, and no matter how many millions a few celebrities like Hugh Jackman make for showing off their buff upper-body torsos, in the main the “grin & bare it” message is for women induced to show their skin (including more anonymously the minimum-wage worker, the flight attendant, the wife trying to raise the kids and also be smiling, smoking “hot” like porn objects in socially programmed vulnerability and submission to male standards and — hey, here’s the masochistic part — the grown women have been entrained  to be “good sports” and grin about their own objectification and second-class citizenship in the sadistic system of Global Patriarchy run by men):

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, with daughter ...

Sun Aug 23, 3:01 PM ET

Generic Woman x 3: Hate Crimes against Women, Murderous Terrorism by Man[un]kind in the longest war

August 6, 2009

Where is the mainstream media reporting about generalized misogyny, male entitlement, masculine privilege and men’s arrogance to believe at a global social level that women are required to be there for men? Men living as men, women living for men:  This is the sick, medieval message from the longest uncredited war, the carnage every day in every city in every state in every country in every place men inhabit on this planet.

Here’s the latest report I’ve seen,  without the slightest feminist analysis whatsoever (as if the past 150 years of feminist scholarship never happened) accompanying the mainstream article: “Gunman at Pa. health club was bitter over women [AP’s title]”


In this undated photo made available Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2009 on George Sodini's AP – In this undated photo made available Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2009 on George Sodini’s blog, http://georgesodini.com/20090804.htm, …

By MICHAEL RUBINKAM, Associated Press Writer Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press Writer

“BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. – George Sodini seethed with anger and frustration toward women. He couldn’t understand why they ignored him, despite his best efforts to look nice. He hadn’t had a girlfriend since 1984, hadn’t slept with a woman in 19 years.

“Women just don’t like me. There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate) and I cannot find one. Not one of them finds me attractive,” the 48-year-old computer programmer lamented in a chilling diary he posted on the Internet.

For months, he also wrote vaguely about using guns to carry out his “exit plan” at his health club, where lots of young women worked out.

On Tuesday, Sodini put his plan into action. …”

The man, Sodini,  killed three women he did not know.  Terror against women. Plain and simple.

He killed three generic women as “woman,” the hated human subclass about which men believe themselves entitled to be “bitter” when women as women —  the female gender class whose lives are subordinated to men’s lives and subjected by force and propaganda to men’s ideas about living —  do not choose to have sex on a particular man’s terms.

Maybe Sodini couldn’t get a date because he gave off a creepy vibe — like hating women and wanting to murder them — despite the big smile of, we now know, a hypocritical murderer.

And nobody around him saw it coming.  This — nobody saw it coming, something reported far too often in other stories about men who murder women — shows how dangerous men as a dominant gender class are to women as the subclass men have forced by the violent global culture men have made.

These murders of women by a “bitter” man are a hate crime, whether or not legislatures run by men are willing to call it so.

The sickening title to the AP article calls him “bitter over women,” as if the women he killed had done something that would have justified his bitterness.

Sodini murdered women as women, women as a gender class, women he did not know.  This defines “hate crime.”  It is based on invidious discrimination.  It typifies the longest war by men against women.

This story is not being fairly reported by media.  This story is being slanted to minimize the woman-hating involved, and the social problem globally.  But maybe in the sick patriarchy globally running the longest war, it’s a mistake ever to expect fair treatment of women in major media.

Every war has its propaganda, and this war — the longest war —  is worldwide, without exception, with only tokens of female privilege to get women off the scent of the truth of misogyny happening around them day in and day out.

Oh, sure, today the cavalry of men (Clinton and Gore) rescued women (journalists for Gore) from worse men in North Korea, women who had been investigating what patriarchy calls “human trafficking,” which is mainly the male-enforced sex slavery imposed by violence and deceit against girls and women.  What is the subtextual significance of the cavalry story?    Tokenism as usual, not that we’re not happy to see the women released from a Korean gulag (rocks in the rice, the mainstream media reported, as their food while incarcerated).

Today’s  Clinton/Gore rescue story, as a war strategy of patriarchy, shows that some men get to play the “protector” of women who have been more seriously abused by other men.  Men do the violence to women and other men get the media credit to be the rescuers.

Behind the scenes, uncredited women every day in every corner of the globe help one another survive this evil.

Heaven help the women of the world.

Robot named “Miim,” rhymes with Him, also “mum’s the word” of silence predominant men want from womankind

July 23, 2009

A bride to do her man’s bidding, and she’s his robot, his thing, his, his, his, Miim belongs to Him.  If this (robot photo, widely online today with no commentary about the inherent misogyny invested in this robot bride named “Miim”) cannot creep out the women of the world, make their flesh crawl and wake women up about misogyny, what can:

The HRP-4C humanoid robot "Miim" presents a wedding ...

Wed Jul 22, 3:51 AM ET

“[from REUTERS/Toru Hanai (JAPAN ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY SCI TECH)] The HRP-4C humanoid robot “Miim” presents a wedding dress by Japanese designer Yumi Katsura during the 2009 Yumi Katsura Paris Grand Collection in Osaka, western Japan, July 22, 2009.”

And what is this world in which predominantly men speak and say more (or less) while independent voices of women are silenced by media manipulation?

It is a world in which silhouettes of naked, anonymous, Barbie-doll voluptuous women on I-75 between Bible-belt Atlanta and Macon, GA, are tagged on billboards — publicly for every little girl traveling the interstate in a car with her family to see — with this line:  “Strippers … need we [men] say more?”

It is a world poised with nukes, also poisons of our lands, rivers and seas percolating to harm Mother Earth, not really anyplace you’d want to live if you had another option — unless you were the typical, predominant narcissistic male, always seeking his narcissistic supply, not capable of real caring, only able to pretend, all charm and harm.

It is a world of hypocrisy about the family, about the prevailing hierarchical religions, about the misogyny of the war by males against females.

Sadly, unless it changes, the suffering of the consequences will be vast beyond even our prodigious story-telling abilities as a current species.

But hey, there’s a robot with a bride’s dress to be ripped off the female robot body by any guy who can afford her.

“He’s Back” requiring “Coffee, Tea or Me” for flight attendants (red dress pleasure for patriarchs)

July 12, 2009

Somehow — has it been decades of mass media mind-manipulation, sexual trauma masquerading as fun “kink,” or something in the water — women’s rights have regressed to the point of culturally normalizing that women who work for a living with their clothes on must also be sexy at work by male standards.

  • FILE - In this Friday, Feb. 4, 2005  file photo, a read treated taffeta wrap AP – FILE – … from the Delta [Airlines/flight attendant uniform] collection …

By this men are generally are saying to women:  Put on your red dress, baby — that’s mainly what you’re good for (at least until you’re pregnant, or over 40, or have put on a few pounds as most men have felt free to do by age 30 if not before).

Men are also generally saying:   And before the things we think are un-sexy happen to your body, while you’re working at the airlines or wherever on the safety-and-service aspects of your job, by all mean if you’re slim enough, we want to see you bend over and stre-e-e-tch in your red dress, baby.

We can thank the AP (and Dan Klores Communications) for the photo above, but where’s the social commentary by AP or other reporters about this woman-hating regression which demonstrates as a red-dress uniform for major airline flight attendants? In a global economic world where Delta beat its pilots’ pensions by U.S. bankruptcy court re-structuring, do we believe the merger of one unionized set of flight attendants with Delta’s non-unionized flight attendants will turn this sexual objectification around for women who work and hope to keep their jobs?  This weekend’s news includes  brouhaha over the red dress but if you googled it all over the internet, you would not see any comprehensive mainstream analysis of this  sexualizing of women’s bodies at work as being wrong.

Combine this sexification trend for working women with what Governor Schwarzenegger is doing this season in California:  Schwarzenegger.   (For context, I seem to recall high status women with high status Hollywood husbands publicly supporting the Governator when struggling Hollywood actress types came forward to divulge Schwarzenegger’s tendency to grope female bodies in the workaday world.  But maybe I just saw that in a movie.)

Jude Dude Bottom Line:  If “he” generically represents the patriarchy (what men want on men’s terms for the benefit of men), then he’s  really ba-a-a-a-ck.

Food Profiteers and U.S. Bills (HR 875 and S 425) in the Longest War against Freedom

July 1, 2009
Thought for today:   What if none of the rulers of the global political scene on either side do anything but disinform in order to hold on to their own power and money?  Blue or red, liberal or conservative, what if the longest war is really on (not just a metaphor for what’s wrong) and nobody in charge is going to bring an end to the insanity of warring normality?  What if taking sides according to the spin of the leaders on either male-dominant side is just a way to divert us from doing anything meaningful about globally escalating encroachments on freedom?  Then you might go another way.  You might find your most authentic self-trust every day, decide who to trust as friends not foes, connect to freedom-loving life where you live and consider how best to live, relieved of the denial about the longest war.  Once you start to see, you break free. Meanwhile, consider opposing the pending U.S. food fascism and pro-Monsanto-esque bills (HR 875/S 425) or any derivations rattling sabres against the people right now.   Taking action on the topic of food in a faltering global agri-corporate economy could mean life and breath.
It’s also enough to make you wonder about the science compiled by a male Harvard researcher in his ironically titled book, Demonic Males [critiqued in categories of this blog].  The Christian tradition included the notion of the devil coming as an angel of light.  Post-Christian scientists have every literary right to call warring and deceitful male behavior “demonic.” The question for every woman and every man is how are you going to live once you face the truth without wearing blinders to what we wish weren’t so?

If Jesus is there to help, now in a demonic age of nuclear and other poisons to the planet would be a good time.

Ruthless, Savage Punishments of Political Islam — Invoke Nemesis, Don’t Invite Your Enemy to Dinner

June 26, 2009

Not Twitter but AP seems to have brought us his contorted face:

Iranian senior hard-line cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, delivers a Friday “AP – Iranian senior hard-line cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, delivers a Friday prayer sermon, at the Tehran University …”

Parisa Hafezi Parisa Hafezi TEHRAN (Reuters) – bottom-lined the purpose of the so-called prayer sermon:
… “I want the judiciary to … punish leading rioters firmly and without showing any mercy to teach everyone a lesson,” Ahmad Khatami told worshippers at Tehran University. …Khatami … said the judiciary should charge the leading “rioters” as being “mohareb” or one who wages war against God.

“They should be punished ruthlessly and savagely,” he said.  Under Iran’s Islamic law, punishment for people convicted as mohareb is execution.

In other words, the Ayatollah wants to kill them.  Ruthlessly and savagely. Stripped down and available for all to see, political Islam’s message today in Iran is the following:
Kill them — for wanting their votes to count;  Kill them  (the “they” who “should be punished ruthlessly and savagely” according to the Ayatollah because of “war;”   Kill them for a war where dominant males define what they want as “God” and project their own demonic behavior upon others who wish to be free of them.   (Click on this blog’s category of “Demonic Males” not as woo-woo religious concept but as hard, Harvard science about male destructiveness and violence relevant to human society.)
Don’t call it spiritual, don’t call it justice, don’t invite it to dinner.  Political Islam needs an invocation of Nemesis spiritually to end its reign. (Click on category, Nemesis.)
Political Islam will never be a friend to any freedom-lover (and that goes double for its whammy against the lives of women as women, religiously designated an underclass by male trauma for male control — not that fundamentalist Christianity and all other male-designed fundamentalist religions do not also oppress women as women, inherent to maintaining sexual politics around the globe).
It’s not that political Islam is the only politics against which Nemesis ought be spiritually invoked.
It’s just that political Islam does not dress up its hatreds in hypocrisy, making the hating easier to see for what it is, in the longest war.

Frenchwoman takes on Monsanto (An End to Corporate Food Fascism?)

June 25, 2009

It won’t be twittered today, because it’s not tiny-url immediately breaking news told in few bits of type.  But it deserves repeating that we all might want to educate ourselves about food politics in the longest war. And a Frenchwoman, Marie-Monique Robin, has shown the way.

From http://www.responsibletechnology.org/, excerpts from a report on Marie-Monique Robin, Director of The World According to Monsanto:  “… filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin has received 20 awards for her investigative documentaries filmed around the world. She is the recipient of the prestigious “Prix Albert Londres,” equivalent to the French Pulitzer, and … the Laurier du Sénat (The Senate Laureate, The Award for the Best Political Documentary), FIGRA’s Best Investigative Documentary Award, The Award of Merit from the Latin American Studies Association (LASA / United States), and The Critics’ Award at Cairo’s Cinema Festival, among others. Her book The Photos of the Century: 100 Historic Moments has more than 700,000 copies in print in seven languages.  Ms. Robin spent three years working on The World according to Monsanto, beginning with four months of intensive internet research examining declassified documents, leaked internal files, scientific studies, trial transcripts, articles, and first hand accounts of whistleblowers. The film actually shows Ms. Robin doing internet searches, identifying incriminating documents that are also available to everyone. She then takes us with her to four continents where she verifies the information and sheds more light on Monsanto’s outrageous behavior and impact. The film debuted in Europe in February 2008, and has since been shown in 15 countries and purchased by 20 international channels. Her accompanying book, which came out at the same time, became an immediate bestseller in French, and is being translated into 10 languages. The revelations in her film and book have generated a wave of anti-GMO and anti-Monsanto sentiment worldwide.”

This revolution for food freedom, Twitter isn’t covering.  Twitter can’t.  To talk about it requires more than sound bites.

Here’s the DVD cover you probably have never heard about [and its bottom-line cynicism that in the food phase of the longest war, the biotech giants — soulless companies required by shareholder investment law to make corporate profits (and not health of the people and the planet) their primary mission — cannot possibly have freedom-loving people’s best interests at heart]:


Ms. Robin and I have not met, I’m no publicist and there’s no money coming my way for anything commented upon in this blog.  It should no longer astonish me — for Nemesis’ sake, I blog about hypocrisy in prevailing media-manipulated culture  —  when I check current news to learn (as I did today) about something amazing (like the work of Ms. Robin) that mainstream mass-and-social media in the US had not brought to my attention.

The greatest joy of blogging is the chance to share with others what ought to be communicated but usually isn’t.   Here’s also a picture on their terms of a couple of dogs (Luce and Lucky) who without need of the ASPCA have been good friends:

LATXcreatures 013

Sarkozy, France’s Perfectly Imperfect President, Correctly Opposes Submissive Gender-Class Clothing Shrouds in Public for Women

June 22, 2009

Whether you like France’s President or not (and he does seem to think with his small head in his personal life), he has sounded the correct call for freedom in opposing political Islam’s efforts to impede the freedom of how folks think about equality with powerfully submissive images of shrouded women on public streets.

  • AP Two women, one wearing the niqab, a veil worn by the most conservative Muslims
  • Jude Dude comment:  If my religion in America required me to  parade “my woman” around with pierced nipples showing (or send her out that way to shop for me), on the streets of the city  it would be (as it should be) against the law for public clothing.

See AP photo for comparison; then  ask yourself what kind of torturing male minds would invent such garb for women and dare to call Islam as politically practiced a religion of “love.”   One indication of political Islam’s sexual discrimination against modern women is that they must shop but swelter on a hot day inside their shrouds when less subjugated women are dressing down for the heat wave. See also the Twittered and cell-phone pictures of women’s dress on this blog from Iran’s version of man’s war against womankind.

If anybody wanted to dress up dogs like shrouded Islamic women on a hot summer day and have them parade around outside on an American street, the ASPCA would be all over it in all-American opposition to animal cruelty.

Hypocrites: They deserve no less than the spiritual invocation of Nemesis against this cruelty.  Even if women have been traumatized behind closed doors or mentally manipulated to their seeming compliance, when objectively viewed the practice of gender shrouding remains cruel.  See posts that follow.