About … and Fair Use of Images and Words

Hey, I’m Jude, and don’t judge me (at least not before you see the blog images).

Unlike most men, I admit I started this physical life as a female fetus, like all human fetuses do, also born of a woman like all human beings are.  Also, I’m embarrassed to be a man with all the societal privilege manhood entails.  Hence, this blog.  It soothes my conscience, and I hope it helps show what only images can.

Nobody needs to keep believing in the manhood that goes to war and perpetrates violence so it can “protect”  socially compliant women who pay the price of compliance while other women and children suffer worse horrors of rape and death.  This hungry-ego memorial (a tourist attraction in LA near [General] MacArthur Park) shows it best by the excited male troops with their deadened female prize —

LATXcreatures 021

The Longest War:  The War Against Womankind and Everything “Other” the false and violent collective ego manhood has constructed as global culture.

Here’s what I hope all women will come to know:  Global manhood lies, lies, lies about the longest war against women, and most women keep swallowing it. Male “nice guy-ness” and lies go hand in hand.  All of the liberal-conservative political nit-picking and hand-wringing is a smoke screen for business as usual:  Keeping manhood elevated above womankind.

Do know that in terms of an all-inclusive sexuality, I identify as “bi,” finding Beyonce Knowles and Kate Winslet as appealing as Hugh Jackman and Will Smith in the movie icon category.   But for now, struggling with the power-over constructs built by society into my own psyche, I’m celibate.  Can’t be part of the problem any longer.  In the longest war, we don’t need another cowboy.

Save a horse, screw a hot babeAlso, in the realm of fair use of copyright, every post of this  public internet-and-not-for-profit blog (run not by a corporation or any other business entity but by one person on a strictly free-time basis with no staff )  is in the nature of public criticism, whether labeled as social criticism, social commentary, parody, critique  or something else (because my catgegorizing and tagging is far from perfect in the limited time available, and some articles suggest that search engines will not pick up those pages where I’ve already — unknowingly — overused the labels of public criticism as categories if I’m to have any hope for SEO without paying for it).  Plan to stop overusing the category and tag labels as of this editorial re-write on 6-24-09 — because my goal is to have this non-profit blog picked up by search engines.  Like any non-profit blogger who cares about his or her subject,  I hope for a wider sharing of my public criticism (by images and words) as a non-physical means toward ending the male-dominant violence that keeps escalating while comics, ad-men and media moguls make us laugh at womankind’s expense and normalize the oppression.

In my use of cultural images and damning or blessing information to critique male-dominant global culture, I own but on a non-profit basis share the copyright in my original words and original images (for which I freely concede the online fair use of anybody else’s non-profit creativity for social commentary just as I have made similar and not-for-profit fair  use — as part of this blog’s social criticism, etc. —  of what appears either public domain or fair game on the internet).


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