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Food Profiteers and U.S. Bills (HR 875 and S 425) in the Longest War against Freedom

July 1, 2009
Thought for today:   What if none of the rulers of the global political scene on either side do anything but disinform in order to hold on to their own power and money?  Blue or red, liberal or conservative, what if the longest war is really on (not just a metaphor for what’s wrong) and nobody in charge is going to bring an end to the insanity of warring normality?  What if taking sides according to the spin of the leaders on either male-dominant side is just a way to divert us from doing anything meaningful about globally escalating encroachments on freedom?  Then you might go another way.  You might find your most authentic self-trust every day, decide who to trust as friends not foes, connect to freedom-loving life where you live and consider how best to live, relieved of the denial about the longest war.  Once you start to see, you break free. Meanwhile, consider opposing the pending U.S. food fascism and pro-Monsanto-esque bills (HR 875/S 425) or any derivations rattling sabres against the people right now.   Taking action on the topic of food in a faltering global agri-corporate economy could mean life and breath.
It’s also enough to make you wonder about the science compiled by a male Harvard researcher in his ironically titled book, Demonic Males [critiqued in categories of this blog].  The Christian tradition included the notion of the devil coming as an angel of light.  Post-Christian scientists have every literary right to call warring and deceitful male behavior “demonic.” The question for every woman and every man is how are you going to live once you face the truth without wearing blinders to what we wish weren’t so?

If Jesus is there to help, now in a demonic age of nuclear and other poisons to the planet would be a good time.

Frenchwoman takes on Monsanto (An End to Corporate Food Fascism?)

June 25, 2009

It won’t be twittered today, because it’s not tiny-url immediately breaking news told in few bits of type.  But it deserves repeating that we all might want to educate ourselves about food politics in the longest war. And a Frenchwoman, Marie-Monique Robin, has shown the way.

From, excerpts from a report on Marie-Monique Robin, Director of The World According to Monsanto:  “… filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin has received 20 awards for her investigative documentaries filmed around the world. She is the recipient of the prestigious “Prix Albert Londres,” equivalent to the French Pulitzer, and … the Laurier du Sénat (The Senate Laureate, The Award for the Best Political Documentary), FIGRA’s Best Investigative Documentary Award, The Award of Merit from the Latin American Studies Association (LASA / United States), and The Critics’ Award at Cairo’s Cinema Festival, among others. Her book The Photos of the Century: 100 Historic Moments has more than 700,000 copies in print in seven languages.  Ms. Robin spent three years working on The World according to Monsanto, beginning with four months of intensive internet research examining declassified documents, leaked internal files, scientific studies, trial transcripts, articles, and first hand accounts of whistleblowers. The film actually shows Ms. Robin doing internet searches, identifying incriminating documents that are also available to everyone. She then takes us with her to four continents where she verifies the information and sheds more light on Monsanto’s outrageous behavior and impact. The film debuted in Europe in February 2008, and has since been shown in 15 countries and purchased by 20 international channels. Her accompanying book, which came out at the same time, became an immediate bestseller in French, and is being translated into 10 languages. The revelations in her film and book have generated a wave of anti-GMO and anti-Monsanto sentiment worldwide.”

This revolution for food freedom, Twitter isn’t covering.  Twitter can’t.  To talk about it requires more than sound bites.

Here’s the DVD cover you probably have never heard about [and its bottom-line cynicism that in the food phase of the longest war, the biotech giants — soulless companies required by shareholder investment law to make corporate profits (and not health of the people and the planet) their primary mission — cannot possibly have freedom-loving people’s best interests at heart]:


Ms. Robin and I have not met, I’m no publicist and there’s no money coming my way for anything commented upon in this blog.  It should no longer astonish me — for Nemesis’ sake, I blog about hypocrisy in prevailing media-manipulated culture  —  when I check current news to learn (as I did today) about something amazing (like the work of Ms. Robin) that mainstream mass-and-social media in the US had not brought to my attention.

The greatest joy of blogging is the chance to share with others what ought to be communicated but usually isn’t.   Here’s also a picture on their terms of a couple of dogs (Luce and Lucky) who without need of the ASPCA have been good friends:

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