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“Grin & Bare It”: The mass-produced message of masochism for women

August 25, 2009

In three generations (my parents to my daughter), to womankind’s detriment Global Patriarchy (GP) has moved beyond generalized (“grin & bear it“) sadism practiced by upper-caste patriarchs (upper caste in every patriarchal system because they exploit other beings and natural resources) against lower-caste males, all females and children to mass-produced messages everywhere targeting women as a gender class for internalizing masochism as socially desirable, even necessary, for social survival.  Yes, it was a long sentence.  Reducing thought to robotic sound bites is part of any modern system of brainwashing.

The title of this post is based upon a mass-produced body-lotion product provided on a “complimentary” 2009 hotel basis by: 

Wyndham Hotels Offer Guest Room Items at Holiday – Wyndham containers bearing in bigger letters “grin & bare it.”

Proving the point from today’s internet, no matter how “liberal” the patriarch in question, and no matter how many millions a few celebrities like Hugh Jackman make for showing off their buff upper-body torsos, in the main the “grin & bare it” message is for women induced to show their skin (including more anonymously the minimum-wage worker, the flight attendant, the wife trying to raise the kids and also be smiling, smoking “hot” like porn objects in socially programmed vulnerability and submission to male standards and — hey, here’s the masochistic part — the grown women have been entrained  to be “good sports” and grin about their own objectification and second-class citizenship in the sadistic system of Global Patriarchy run by men):

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, with daughter ...

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