Why I don’t have comments here

The images and related social criticism on this blog go to the core of the war.

The war’s core is the problem of male violence and male self-aggrandizement operating collectively at the global cultural level to the detriment of women everywhere.

The photo here?  Your typical  tribute to victorious men of war, this memorial in LA, near [General] MacArthur Park — super-men (in their own minds) objectifying a dead woman as spoils of war while  holding inanimate banners aloft to their perceptions of masculine glory.


What woman-haters and man-worshippers would write as comments on this blog could only drip with the hurtful, hateful disdain I’ve seen on other blogs, so intensive moderation would be required  — and as much as I’d love to have grant funding to allow for reviewing and moderating the comments to remove the hate speech in response to my showing the images of woman-hating, so far such funds are not part of the Obama stimulus package.

Also in the widower role with a daughter, I won’t put her at risk from men who might act out against her because of my showing woman-hating and male violence in its unredacted truth.    This blog is mine, not hers, because she has her own agency in the world seeking to find her way as a creative and compassionate being of female genius.  Still, I do not wish by my blogging to put her at risk.

Speaking of female genius, let me mention how widely distributed I have found unacknowledged female genius to be — not the Einsteinian blow-up-the-world type of genius, but the collective and individually creative genius of women like Rachel Carson, Candace Pert and Lynn Margulis, and the budding genius of my daughter and her girlfriends, and the genius of every woman who makes living space her own haven and also includes who and what she loves.  (For just a few examples.)

To be fair to Einstein, he reportedly said (about unleashing the horrors of nuclear destructive power into the hands of men who would use it), “If I’d known, I’d have been a locksmith.”

The posts here, like I said, go to the core of the war.  People (read men, mainly) in power do not appreciate being called on their deceits and destructiveness.  Most men particularly want women to think there’s not an undeclared war men have waged against women for millenniums but instead a sanitized “war between the sexes” —  as if women have the same share of agency in committing violence that men do.

Most men, when called on their sh*!, tend to retaliate in underhanded ways and, when they believe they can get away with it, overt ways.   This is not mere extrapolation from locker-room banter and corporate experience.  You can read about the male  glorification of underhanded retaliation yourself in the male-beloved military classic, Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”  [link —>Sonshi.com – Original Sun Tzu’s Art of War translation (not Giles)]  The lessons of war as “art”  include the great secrecy of spies used by ruling males, double agents also, because there is nowhere, according to this classic,  “that spies cannot be used.”  In short, underhanded retaliation.

Because woman-haters seemingly using underhanded synchronized tactics have closed down other bloggers who (like me) aren’t professional bloggers, make no profit from blogging and did not have 24/7 time or staff to moderate the commentary, reluctantly I decided not to have comments on this blog.  However, I do  comment and enjoy the dialog of commentary when time permits on other blogs, some monetized, some run by more than one person for sharing the work.

Short answer to why:  Because of backlash and trolls, no comments here.

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