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Silent girl of the Hollywood hill (billboard) was no isolated media image; she, silenced, was everywhere in the major market through which millions of girls and women daily traveled

May 17, 2009

Pictures always say a thousand words x millions of girls x  millions of women x millions of men who dehumanize human beings without a voice that counts

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Silent girl of the Hollyhood hill — Deadpool at least gets his mouth back in the May 2009 Wolverine movie.

May 17, 2009

Silent girl (circa 2006) of the Hollyhood hill --- Deadpool at least gets his mouth back in the May 2009 Wolverine movie.

Silent girl (circa 2006) and this week, in the sounds of silence, polls showed that for the first time in decades of American history, anti-abortionists were winning the popular tide of opinion that a non-breathing, unnamed male embryo matters more than a fully breathing woman who does not have the right to choose for her own body what men do not want.

The “Silent Hill” girl, literally denied her voice, is the poster child for global media’s dividing and conquering of girls (hot and not) in the longest war. When men fall victim to the longest war, we’re collateral damage. Controlling female booty has always been the prize in the war between categories number one and number two. Number one, those who get to speak (men mainly) and in so doing, with violence as the enforcer, inhabit the category of human beings self-defined as those who matter most, men.   These are the one-down wicked terms of engagement in man’s war against womankind, the real war undergirding every other war.