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More on the longest war’s man-made hell for women

May 28, 2009

The new movie,  Drag Me to Hell, all over MovieFone’s home page in oversized advertisement for the weekend — it’s big enough culturally to warrant extra treatment as part of the resistance to misogyny (see also posts below).  Here’s another online image from the film:

This film betokens the dilemma for women in this tokenized, pornified, can’t-you-take-a-joke time of man-made hypocrisy keeping men installed as the normative type of human, the male human, designed for Man-God worship by females everywhere.

This from the Pasadena Star-News, so near Hollywood, in an article identifying Spiderman-famed Sam Raimi’s discussion of the young woman vs. the old woman of his new movie [my notes in brackets]:   “She [the young woman] commits the sin [after all, doesn’t the Man-God mythos of Judeo-Christianity charge another young woman with the sin of being the downfall of man] – the sin of greed [being that she is a modern young woman needing a job in order to eat —  given the reign of man-made agribusinesses like Monsanto and the few remaining personal garden plots — and as a citizen in the man-made money economy, thus she has a job in the housing finance industry run by top men for a male-designed international banking institution now in partnership with the top-male US government and top-men governmental lenders in places like China].  And [continues Sam Raimi] I wanted the audience to sin with her and make that choice to throw the old woman out of her house [followed by an old woman in violent images to movie audiences as a hellish she-demon].”

Staff writer Rob Lowman in Pasadena provides no feminist analysis, without saying why, but it’s a post-modernist, post-feminist, post-structuralist time, haven’t you heard?

Know how to tell a man is lying?  His lips are moving.   It’s an old AA joke (change alcoholic for man), but consider the source, a “spiritual” group where origination-of-the-12-steps credit goes to married men who didn’t give credit to the long-suffering wives without whom they would have died under bridges in drunk funks and never started their “God as you understand Him” program of sobriety which only works to keep a small percentage of folks sober in any event.   Today with what’s also at the movies, I’m not seeing spiritual programs based on Him as God  being part of anybody’s solution for authentic freedom.

Might as well offend as many as possible while I’m on a rant, and religion is always a way to do that.    The level of offense taken about religion usually signifies the depth of the mental programming.  God, Schmod, whatever may Infinitely Exist to help us is not made in man’s image, nor man in “His.”  And certainly not Sam Raimi.


When comics re-write SpiderWoman of antiquity, not that she’ll become a blockbuster movie, there’s woman-hating by one Spidey woman against another

May 28, 2009

No sisterhood pictured  in the isolation of each woman from meaningful women-centered bonds with other women — and in the catfight among the SpiderWomen, the winner is — the one most like the SpiderMan

SpiderMan, not SpiderWoman, serves as movie-icon heroic role model to little boys everywhere wearing a SpiderMan T-shirt, carrying a Spider-man lunchbox, dressing up like SpiderMan for Halloween (or harvest festival at the local church or community center).  His sister in princess garb is still being taught to wait for the illusory prince to come.

Man’s longest war:  It’s everywhere.   It changes form to combat every vestige of meaningful feminism among women and pro-feminsim among men tired of the war.

It grabs for the children’s minds first.  It’s big business.  Moms and other well-intentioned women who cannot face that this is a war keep playing along [online sample below].

Spiderman 2

Reversals upon lies in the longest war’s battle for the mind of womankind

May 28, 2009

Once upon a time womankind had her own Spiderwoman (mythic spinner of life, originator of world fire); then 7,000 years of the longest war netted us reversal-mythic movies about Spiderman (man’s reversal of original women’s story in order to favor male heroes).  Now coming to the multi-plex this weekend,   Sam Raimi, the director of moviedom’s Spiderman, is the auteur linked to the horror movie in which a woman is (in an updating of the mythic Judeo-Christian reversal to favor male heroes) sent to hell (imagery of flames scorching like the actual Catholic-sponsored burnings of old by men torturing and murdering women called witches, many of them old women who in fact had wit and were wise) at the hands of — could it be the movie shows men as agents of the horror and torture?

Noooooo, in this movie we won’t see  men depicted as evil agents as actually true for the  historical witch burnings by men against women but we will see a movie’s powerful  fabrication of an old woman as the agent of burning another woman.

This is not just  another (ho hum)  male movie reversal of what really happens during the longest war.  This is being touted as the “greatest” horror movie ever, under the hand of the “great” Sam Raimi.  Imagine the lasting impression of those pictures that say thousands upon thousands of words in the minds of every girl and woman who sees the movie, unaware of its power for mental manipulation in generating woman-fearing and woman-hating by women of women, especially older women.

In the longest war, man does not want young women to have any reason to be comfortable seeking the wisdom and comfort of old women who have seen and know the evil of man for what it is.  It’s not just entertainment, folks.  It’s mental entrainment to woman-hating with a complementary man-adoration no man deserves.

You can vote your money by refusing to buy tickets to movies of misogyny.  In this way you call out woman-hating for what it is.  You’ll feel better, and then nobody gets burned who doesn’t deserve to.

Images, Parody, Social Criticism

May 24, 2009

My images on this blog will generally come from CA and TX, with an emphasis on Los Angeles (belly of the beast, beautiful beach, LA the extraordinary).  Check “About” for an example of my images on this blog for parody of war and social criticism of man’s longest war, the war against womankind.

If not an image from the internet being critiqued, parodied,  socially criticized or otherwise publicly commented upon, all  images including the blog banner are my own raw-image, digital-camera work (never Photoshopped).  If you want to link to this blog for free viewing by others, you’re most welcome.

LATXcreatures 341

Where’s the Goddess Kali or the Mythic Spiderwoman when we need Her?  We instead see little boys wearing Spiderman suits.  What’s left of Infinite Womankind in popular consciousness resides mainly behind metaphoric bars, devoid of righteous fury about man’s unacknowledged war against womankind.