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Unsung Heroes

June 8, 2009

This past week while folks  fretted about David Carradine’s body outside the tuxified Super-Suit, and mass media pushed  Obama’s glorification of uniformed men from World War II,  these heroes  remain in the background:

(1) The estimated millions of women (more women than men) who died under  top-male leadership, with greater atrocities practiced upon women experimentally, in World War II’s concentration camps.  Why did  more women die?  For one heroic thing, women were unwilling to flee the Nazis because somebody (the unsung heroic women) needed to stay and take care of elderly relatives and children.  Jewish women were also leaders in movements for the leadership and equality of the next generation of young women.  See, e.g., Bernard Cook, Women and war: a historical encyclopedia from antiquity to the present – Google Books Result

Post-torture mass graves, tragic and not so pretty, but here’s a small public-domain image:

The truth

(2) Two American journalists (Euna Lee and Laura Ling, women who are LA residents) captured  while near the China-North Korean border reporting on Korean women being trafficked (abducted and held prisoner as sex slaves) by men.    The cameraman and the local guide escaped.

The women as prisoners have now been sentenced by North Korea’s top-male government to 12 years of punishing hard labor.  When you see cropped photos about South Korean men  protesting for the release of these two women, the bigger picture is one group of men (South Korean) vying for power with another group of men (North Korean, headed by Kim Jung II):

A conservative protester holds portraits of U.S. journalists ...


Images, Parody, Social Criticism

May 24, 2009

My images on this blog will generally come from CA and TX, with an emphasis on Los Angeles (belly of the beast, beautiful beach, LA the extraordinary).  Check “About” for an example of my images on this blog for parody of war and social criticism of man’s longest war, the war against womankind.

If not an image from the internet being critiqued, parodied,  socially criticized or otherwise publicly commented upon, all  images including the blog banner are my own raw-image, digital-camera work (never Photoshopped).  If you want to link to this blog for free viewing by others, you’re most welcome.

LATXcreatures 341

Where’s the Goddess Kali or the Mythic Spiderwoman when we need Her?  We instead see little boys wearing Spiderman suits.  What’s left of Infinite Womankind in popular consciousness resides mainly behind metaphoric bars, devoid of righteous fury about man’s unacknowledged war against womankind.