When comics re-write SpiderWoman of antiquity, not that she’ll become a blockbuster movie, there’s woman-hating by one Spidey woman against another

No sisterhood pictured  in the isolation of each woman from meaningful women-centered bonds with other women — and in the catfight among the SpiderWomen, the winner is — the one most like the SpiderMan

SpiderMan, not SpiderWoman, serves as movie-icon heroic role model to little boys everywhere wearing a SpiderMan T-shirt, carrying a Spider-man lunchbox, dressing up like SpiderMan for Halloween (or harvest festival at the local church or community center).  His sister in princess garb is still being taught to wait for the illusory prince to come.

Man’s longest war:  It’s everywhere.   It changes form to combat every vestige of meaningful feminism among women and pro-feminsim among men tired of the war.

It grabs for the children’s minds first.  It’s big business.  Moms and other well-intentioned women who cannot face that this is a war keep playing along [online sample below].

Spiderman 2

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