This silent smile also denotes the war …

The WordPress login screen (5-17-09) showed this photo (silent smile) of a woman celebrating men’s lives by watching (because by male cultural definition she’s supposed to care about) the Greatest Bromances Of All Time.

Man-made culture doesn’t even have a name for woman-to-woman friendship equivalent to bromance, and there are no movies that come to mind (with the exception of the regrettable demise of Thelma and Louise, but hey, the movie makers might be thinking, Beautiful Bro Brad Pitt was there, so hey, “all’s fair in [don’t call it]  love and war.”)

Pretty clear in 2009, isn’t it, that sex with us men on terms equal to our own libidos (ex., “save a horse, ride a cowboy”) hasn’t given to women the cinematic stories, or the rights to their own company, equivalent to what men take as a given for being the self-defined only people on the planet who really matter?

LATXcreatures 368

Spoken only as a bro who’s tired of lance, bromance and this idiotic dance of the longest war.



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