The prize in the man’s war against womankind

Women:  the de-humanized prize in the man’s war against womankind, a war by male-defined category number one of humanity against category number two.  Number one is the category of those who get to speak on non-trivial matters (men mainly) and thus to determine the social structure of the world.  LATXcreatures 351

Number two?  By male definition, those who must smile and acquiesce (generally every woman if she hopes to avoid social sanction if not outright violence at men’s hands).

LATXcreatures 352In our supposedly post-modernist times, category number two includes women educated to Western civilization’s tropes who quibble over relative degrees of social privilege which can always be withdrawn by men dispensing it.  Not to minimize the importance of anybody’s discourse if it advances finding an authentic voice.  But we should be aware that voice and voicelessness on crucial life issues frame the one-down terms of engagement in man’s war against womankind, the real war undergirding every other war.

Tell yourself the Truth.  You’re worthy of better than a life filled with lies.  Come to Be, Free.


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